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The Worlds of Cassandra Featherstone

Come Out & Prey (Cass' Version): A Reverse Harem Shifter Academy Romance Book

Come Out & Prey (Cass' Version): A Reverse Harem Shifter Academy Romance Book

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Being a teenager is bullshit.

You’d think being an heir in one of most powerful families in predator society would make it easier, but you’d be dead wrong.

From the moment I was old enough, my bloodthirsty parents made sure I understood my job is to smile, nod, and look pretty in public. None of my choices are my own, including my friends, my future, and even my hairstyle. The only sliver of happiness I cling to is my boyfriend, Todd, and attending Apex Academy where I’ll be free of the chains holding me down.

Unfortunately, my life is a cosmic joke and everyone but me is laughing. 

The perfect prom night I envisioned ends in disaster and my entire world explodes in the blink of an eye.

I didn’t emerge as a predator and now there’s hell to pay. 

My name is Delores Drew and I’ve got news for the friends and family who betrayed me when I turned out different than they expected.

I’m no ordinary bunny. 

***** Come Out & Prey is a steamy, dark academy reverse harem romance book featuring a strong FMC and five older shifter professors who fall for her. This reverse harem books series has content warnings on my series content page and in the book. As in all my books, there are mature themes intended for 18+ adults. Consider your mental health before consuming any content you download.

COP is a prequel and must be read prior to book one to understand the world and characters. \n \nPrevious versions of this series are no longer available and the plot, characters, and more have changed significantly from the original version. You will want to re-read prior to buying book two.

Digital books, including preorders, are non-refundable for any reason. Please ensure you are certain when you purchase.

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