Hell on Wheels

Speed is my vice of choice.

The smell of sweat, the sound of a purring engine, the crash of bodies, the taste of adrenaline—I’m addicted to it whether on the boards or on the road.

Being the captain of the Babe City Bombers was my escape from the pressures of being a Guardian. When my ex-best friend decides to join our team’s biggest rival, their hazing prank leads me to a pattern of similar beatings that bring all three of my worlds together. 

Before long, I end up in the sights of a shifter mafia, a psychotic team of derby girls gone wild, and a mysterious magic user pulling strings behind the scenes. 

And as if my life wasn’t spinning out already, a group of flaming hot guys—including my stepbrother Rebel—decide to to jockey for pole position. 

On your mark… get set… Rogue.

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