Misfit Protection Program

The Misfit Protection Programis a paranormal whychoose, mixed shifter, second chance, small town, mystery romance. Jolene and the men who form her found family are caught up a scheme that involves her parents' death, an ancient Society, Southern charm, humor, and wild animals who adopt her as their own.

Misfit Protection Program is part of the largerLegends of the Ouroboros universe, but it can be read without the other books.

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Villains & Vixens

Villains & Vixens is a contemporary criminal romance where the butt kicking assassin, Remy, is drawn out of her solitary world and back into the politics of her past. In order to find out who put a hit on one of the boys she grew up, she'll have to deal with their betrayal, admit she's not dead, and come to terms with the five men she's loved her entire life.

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The Riftverse

Delilah ventures into the portal of The Rift after an altercation with a past enemy. Now she lives there full time and has built a home and a family, of sorts. Enter one cocky, bloodthirsty vampire clone and her entire world turns upside down. Meet Delilah, her mates, and her community in the Riftverse series.

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Secrets of State U

Delve into the intoxicating world of Morgana, a captivating hybrid caught in the tangled webs of love, murder, and mystery.

Sentenced to State U, Morgana finds herself surrounded by danger and intrigue, assigned to clean up the twisted aftermath of her cheating ex-fiancé's illicit affairs. But amidst the chaos, a chilling murder occurs during a heated hockey game, thrusting Morgana into a deadly game of whodunit. The prime suspect? Lucas, a charismatic polar bear shifter, who, unbeknownst to all, is heir to a colossal fortune.

As Morgana delves deeper into the enigma, she encounters an enthralling Fae prince and his loyal bodyguard, a mesmerizing siren navigating the challenges of grad school, and a bewitching Witchcraft professor. Each of them is inexplicably drawn to the allure of the most notorious supernatural being around—Morgana herself.

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Discordia University

In the enthralling world of Veiled Flame, meet Kat, a resilient foster kid who has always fought against the odds. Just when it seems like her dreams of escaping her troubled past are slipping away, fate intervenes with a mysterious scholarship offer to Discordia University, an enigmatic institution shrouded in secrecy. With college as her only chance for a brighter future, Kat seizes the opportunity, determined to make her mark, even if it means masquerading as Kit, a young man, in an all-male school.

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Triangles & Tribulations

Triangles and Tribulationsis a steamy, paranormal adventure romance with twisted fairy tale roots, a female main character who gathers a variety of shifters and mythical creatures for her love interests, and a quest handed down from a god. It is highly recommended to read the prequel, Hoist the Flag prior to book one.

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