Children of the Moon

Fiadh and Feray have had a rough life, but they’ve always hoped that would change after their Ascension ceremony. Their magic would unlock, they’d find their fated mates, and it would be smooth sailing—but that isn’t what happened.

The High Mage declared them worthless and worse, Feray isn’t a witch at all. Rumors fly about their dead parents and how it happened, but the sisters are determined to pick up the pieces of their lives and move on.

That’s when the real trouble begins.

Strange sensations assault them causing a trail of men to court them as they work to solve the riddle of their parents’ death. 

Who are the Children of the Moon and why is someone trying to hurt everyone around them?

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Denizens of the Dark

The humans abandoned Briarvale two centuries ago and supernaturals claimed it as our own. 

Each species has its own district except those who live in the dark. 

We built our own enclave to lure and entice the rest of our neighbors into giving us what we need. 

Vice and sin fuel the Night District and seven families represent us to the world. 

Being the reigning queen of Salazar, my job is to keep the other families from taking what is ours. 

I excelled at my job—until they sent their heirs.

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