Welcome to Whistler’s Hollow…

A New Series in The Riftverse

Whistler’s Hollow has always been a quiet town. 

Despite the changes in the world around us, we managed to retain our small, country town veneer. Our picturesque Main Street drag, storybook houses, family-owned businesses, and schools are the envy of other cities in our state.

We survived the technological revolutions that rendered their main industries stagnant and their populations dwindle because we adapted.

Over twenty years ago, we accepted an offer, and it was the smartest thing we’ve ever done.

‘The Hostile Takeover’—as the town elders refer to it—allowed us to thrive when everything around us grew faded and worn.

Generous, yet mysterious, benefactors offered to purchase our town and keep it vibrant and prosperous on one condition: couples of child rearing age would agree to secretly adopt one child brought to them as a newborn. Without question, they would accept the child into their home and raise them as their own until they made their way into the world as an adult. Expenses would be taken care of, the town would be maintained, and our way of life would be preserved forever.

Doesn’t sound like such a hard bargain, does it?


I failed the background check.

I’ve been working as a consultant on classified projects for years, but the Feds say I can’t be a profiler.

What in actual…?

I said I’d never go back after my parents died, but red flags about my hometown just tanked my dream.

How can anything about the quaint, idyllic Midwest town that I grew up in be a security risk?

There’s something rotten in Whistler’s Hollow, and I’m going to find out what it is.