Triangles & Tribulations

Triangles and Tribulations – Prequel – 3D Image –

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Being the infamous ‘Jack’ of all the rhymes and tales isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. You try being blamed for some chick falling down a hill or taking the rap for a giant attack. My entire life story has been a series of memes—before they were even invented!

After freezing my lady bits off working for the Ice Queen—who never stops singing that song—I decided to take my shaker of salt to an island in the Caribbean to hide from the paparazzi while I drink tiny umbrella drinks. 

Cue disaster on day one—I trip over a bottle on the beach that just happens to contain a mysterious map to a legendary graveyard filled with treasure the world thinks is lost forever. I would have tossed it into the ocean, but my spill drew the attention of a bunch of men who couldn’t resist a damsel in distress. 

Insert eyeroll here. 

Once they saw the map in my hot little hands, I was stuck with them. I didn’t ask to be conscripted on an adventure with two shifter pirates, a masseuse, a demi-god, and a merman who all seem to think I’m on the menu, but here I am.

Maybe I should have taken the Ice Queen’s musical advice?I am The Guillotine, and I work alone. 

That is, until five criminals from my past reappear like unwanted phantoms, and I’m forced to choose between my targets and my vengeance.

Either way, heads will roll.

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