Anthologies, Shared Worlds, and Other Works

UNWRITTEN: A Charity Anthology for Izzy Hix, featuring never before released stories of your favorite characters.

π•΄π–“π–˜π–†π–™π–Žπ–†π–‡π–‘π–Š. π•°π–†π–Œπ–Šπ–—. π•³π–”π–•π–Šπ–‹π–šπ–‘.

Universal truth: Romance readers always want more.

The next chapter, the next book, the unwritten words living in their favorite author’s mind.

What happens next?

How could you do that to my babies?

I wonder what was going on in the other character’s head…

You’ll never have all the answers, but inside these pages, you’ll get just a bit of the Unwritten. Nineteen previously unwritten stories all for your curious little heart to devour. Come see what’s going on with Serena Akeroyd’s Feckers, Crystal Ash’s Shadow, Kathryn Moon’s Lola and pack, and so many more of your favorite characters.

All proceeds for this Anthology will be donated to the beloved member of the indie community, Izzy Hix, in hopes of helping her and her family as she recovers from a long and complicated hospital stay due to Covid-19.

My story is called β€˜The Beast, The Maiden, and The Quest for the Perfect Present’ and it fits between The Alpha and The Omega and The Trials of the Beast.Β 

It may or may not involve a quest, a bathtub full of blood, and four alphas fighting over who’s in charge.

Oh, and a mythical object unseen for hundreds of years.