Legends of the Ouroboros

The Legends of the Ouroboros universe includes many series and they can be read independently–you may miss small Easter eggs, but you do not have to read them all to understand the world.

You will, however, need to read all of the series to read the final series in the world: The Ouroboros Society.

Recommended Reading Order

Start with the Riftverse series (SFF/PNR whychoose) in the following order (no matter what the retailers suggest!)

The Beast Rising Vella

Next, start the Misfit Protection Program (PNR/Shifter/Small Town whychoose) series

Road to the Hollow (Prequel; also available in audio!)

Return to the Hollow

Roused in the Hollow (only available in Home to the Hollow omnibus)

Rejected in the Hollow

Revealed in the Hollow

Book 3 TBA

Book 4 TBA

Book 5 TBA

After that, start the Villains & Vixens (Contemporary/Dark/Criminal whychoose) series



Book 3 TBA

Book 4 TBA

Then, start the Triangles & Tribulations (Fantasy/Shifter/Humorous whychoose) series

Hoist the Flag (Prequel)

Yo Ho Holes

Book 3 TBA

Book 4 TBA

Book 5 TBA

Next, start the Faetal Attraction (Urban Fantasy/Shifter/PNR whychoose) series

Hell on Wheels (Vella)

Book 2 TBA

Book 3 TBA

Book 4 TBA

Now, try the Vellas (PNR whychoose University)

Blood on the Ice

Veiled Flame

Forbidden Fates

Coming Later, Coven of the Serpent and Exile Islands series!