Enter The Riftverse…


Codename: The Rift Special Edition is the first novel in a universe of fantasy/romance novels and short stories. It has been classified by readers as dark romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, shifter, and more. Written in multiple POVs and an epistolary style, you will feel as though you are part of the action and in the character’s heads. Everything in the Rift is interconnected like individual threads in a spiderweb from the imperfect heroine, Delilah, to her mates, family, and the members of the Resistance. 

The Beast Rising is a set of prequels written in The Early Years and The Winter, prior to Codename: The Rift begins. We highly recommend reading the first novel prior to reading these books.

Into the Wilde is a prequel set months before The Beast Rising stories and is only available via newsletter sign up on The Readers Club Page!

A New World Order Special Edition is a serial novel that is the second book in the Riftverse series. All of your favorite characters return and new ones join the fray.

Hallelujah and Call the Magickal Midwife occur during the timeline of A New World Order and should be read after completing it so you avoid spoilers.

The Kitty Does Halloween is a short story set after A New World Order. It does not contain spoilers. 

An Investigative Tour of ‘The Company’  has two parts, Part one is ONLY available in Codename: The Rift Special Edition. Part Two is only available in A New World Order Special Edition.

The Alpha and The Omega is the third book in the Riftverse. It is available for preorder exclusively on Amazon for Spring 2021.

Once you enter the Rift, you may never want to return. 

BookBrushImage-2020-12-1-10-5745When he came back from the dead, I felt the storm coming.

I didn’t know that it would be me.

My grief—our grief—put on display for all to see.

Whatever Sari and her minions have planned, it will destroy the fragile peace within my family and take the entire Resistance with it.

My magick, Maeve, the Beast, my loves…

None of us will survive unscathed.

The Rift_v7I didn’t ask to wake up with claws and fangs, much less a tail.

My life had enough complications—five mates, a slew of lovers, and an entire community to protect—but I loved it.

Now, everything is a mess. Fights, ropes, demons, and blood are usually a good thing, but not since the cat came out to play. 

I have to find a cure.

The only person who I know who might know how to help me get answers is an irritating, preening bastard living in self-imposed exile.

Did I mention that he’s the assassin that tried to destroy us during the Conflict?

This is going to suck…


Codename: The Rift The Special Edition features a comprehensive new edit, graphics, guide, and more! It also include Part One of An Investigative Tour of ‘The Company’ which is not available anywhere else. 

Special edition hardcover available via all major e-retailers, libraries. and independent bookstores through Ingram Spark. Paperback and eBook are Amazon exclusive.

An Investigative tour of 'the company'
The Cabal think that they can win back the people of The Rift by dangling the proverbial golden goose: a double. 

Everyone salivated at the thought of winning and started working on entries.

I don’t trust those bitches–they don’t do anything for free.

We all know that no one from the Resistance will win.

For me, this vlog isn’t just for their stupid contest–it’s recon. 

Keep your friends closer and your enemies guessing, that’s what I say.

This kitty is about to show them who they’re dealing with.

★★★This prequel is exclusively available in Codename: The Rift Special Edition and the second part is exclusively available in A New World Order Special Edition.★★★

A New World Order_v12
 Beltane was only the beginning.

Everyone knows about my magick and not only that, but the cat is out of the bag—literally—about Taurus.

Retaliation will be the name of the game, and no one will be safe.

How will I juggle the most possessive, over-protective bastard in The Rift with all of my current mates and lovers? What revenge will the Coyote Den take for my betrayal?

Oh, yeah… I forgot.

I’m also in HEAT.

Combine that with new matings, a draining, a new job, and several unfortunate injuries, I’m not sure if I’ll survive to attend Rafe’s community-wide birthday bash.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty…


A New World Order The Special Edition features a comprehensive new edit, graphics, guide, and more! It also include Part Two of An Investigative Tour of ‘The Company’ which is not available anywhere else. 

Welcome to The Rift: a world of magic, intrigue, chaos, and conflict.

The Rift is my world now.

I walked into that portal two years ago and once I did, nothing was ever the same.

I gave up my life in the ‘real world’, moved here, and never looked back.

My name is Delilah, and I’m the Queen of the Resistance. 

It took me almost a year to create the home for my people after their brush with the Cabal in the Conflict. Once I did, I made sure they won’t get conquered again.

Now we live in a community of our making, with our rules, and we love it. 

We loved it; I should say. Then I woke up as the first shifter in The Rift, and it all went straight to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

These stories are from the times before that fateful day and my journey to meet the biggest ass in the cosmos. They take in place in the following timeframes The Early Years (prior to the Winter Incident) and The Winter (the weeks just prior to Codename: The Rift).

Diary of Genesis takes place in The Early Years. This short story is about the creation of my best droid gal pal, Philomena. You’ll meet old friends and see current ones, but the war we interact is not the same as we do now. Don’t worry, we’re still awesome as hell. 

Meet Delilah, Forgiveness, A Twisted Path, and The Beginning take place in The Winter. They tell tales of my life as I deal with the events of The Winter Incident and what led my decision to contact Taurus for help. The people you meet will be familiar, but the circumstances are different.

You definitely need to read Codename: The Rift prior to reading these prequels to understand how our world works before you delve into the insanity that was The Rift prior to my meeting with the preening peacock. You’ll thank me for saying this later. 

Call The Magickal Midwife

You would think that throwing someone off of a building would kill them.

Apparently, it didn’t.

Mores the pity that I failed would have been my response at the time.


Now I get to ask the witch a favor.

Suck it up, cupcakes, because this is about to be a wild ride.


This kitty has claws…

I’ve changed.

The old Delilah is no more and the new Queen is evolving.

After Sari’s meddling, I hunger: for vengeance, for punishment, and most of all, for blood.

I cannot strike out at my former family member for her insolence because it would start a war.

The world will bleed tonight in penance for her crimes.

He promised.

The Kitty does Halloween
The rave is humans only, they said. Everyone will be in classic monster costumes;  no one will know you’re not human, they said.

It’s perfectly safe, they said. 

The truth always comes out in the morning light.

Happy freaking Halloween, bitches.