Children of the Moon

Beware the Children of the Moon, for their power is beholden to no man. 

When we stepped into the Ascension circle, my sister and I expected to gain our magic so we could solve the mystery of her past. Our parents carried the knowledge of what happened to her family to their grave, and to our surprise, my sister isn’t a powerless witch—she’s a wolf.

“This witch and this wolf are worthless—no mates or powers to speak of. They will remain in the lower echelon.” 

The High Mage’s declaration of our unworthiness means we may never have the resources to find out what happened to her pack.

The Goddess intended for this night to change our lives–while we were being shamed in the circle, an unknown adversary came out of the shadows to leave an ominous threat in the ashes of our home. The sole survivor from the attack on our home was left with a message carved into his back: We are coming for you, Children of the Moon.

No one knows what the warning means and after the High Mage’s decree, no one cares. Our only solution is to sink deeper into the seedy underbelly of Briarvale to investigate, even if it means letting everyone underestimate us.

After all, what can one worthless witch and wolf do?

Burn It. All. Down.

The wolf does not walk alone; it always carries its pack.

In the months since the Ascension, my sister and I found a new life and family to soothe our souls.

But, as always, danger lurks at every turn.

Discovering the truth about my heritage may lie in the town of Blackmoor gave me hope I could find answers about why the Morgensterns bound my wolf to keep me safe. Finding out why I ended up hiding in plain sight with witches rather than among my kind might ease my worry that I’m responsible for their deaths.

My wolf is getting stronger, but she’s impatient.

The trip to Blackmoor is long, but I’ve got my mates and two reluctant suitors along to help us find the knowledge we seek.

Will the men fated to me give in or will they be yet another rejection I must endure?

With prophecies and shadows following me at every turn, I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to trust my wolf’s instincts.

Then the hunters will become my game… and I play to win.

Beware the Children of the Moon, for their power is beholden to no man. 

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