Apex Academy Capers Series

Being a teenager is bullshit.

You’d think being an heir in one of most powerful families in predator society would make it easier, but you’d be dead wrong.

From the moment I was old enough, my bloodthirsty parents made sure I understood my job is to smile, nod, and look pretty in public. None of my choices are my own, including my friends, my future, and even my hairstyle. The only sliver of happiness I cling to is my boyfriend, Todd, and attending Apex Academy where I’ll be free of the chains holding me down. 

Unfortunately, my life is a cosmic joke and everyone but me is laughing.

The perfect prom night I envisioned ends in disaster and my entire world explodes in the blink of an eye. 

I didn’t emerge as a predator and now there’s hell to pay. 

My name is Delores Drew and I’ve got news for the friends and family who betrayed me when I turned out different than they expected. 

I’m no ordinary bunny. 

Apex Academy is where I’m supposed to die.

My ex-BFFs turned on me, my fiancé tried to eat me, and my parents are gleefully waiting for someone to kill me so they can be rid of their dirty little secret. 

They think they can break me, but this bunny is tougher than she looks.

Apex is a viper’s nest of social climbers and bullies and I’m going to get back at the people who hurt me if the last thing I do. 

Enter five of the hottest professors to walk the planet and two wacky friends who all swear they   are on my side—but can I trust them to keep me safe?

Even if I can’t, Delores Drew is finally free and all I have to do is survive the year. 

At least, that’s what I thought until the first dead body turns up on campus with a note addressed to me pinned to it. 

Either we solve the mystery or I could just become some bunny they used to know. 

My second year at Apex is going to be different.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself, but I’m no fool.

The Council can repair the damage to campus from last year, but it won’t change the rot beneath the surface.

Someone is killing students and we don’t know why, much less who.

My gut tells me my mother is paw deep in this nightmare, but is she the one pulling the strings or there a darker force at play?

My gut tells me my mother is paw deep in this nightmare, but is she the one pulling the strings or there a darker force at play?

With my besties and the five professors who have sworn to protect me, I’m coming back to a hive of enemies and dark secrets.

Until we figure out who the murderer lurking in our midst is, I’ll never be safe.

‘Run, rabbit run’ isn’t just a taunt anymore.

It’s the only way I’ll stay alive. 

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